1º ESO: Basic Vocabulary

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Your teacher uses this vocabulary in every lesson.

It is very important for you to know it, so you can understand the lessons.


Come here, please: You must go where the teacher is and form in a semi-circle.

Silence, please: Do not speak

Please, stay put: You must not make noise and you must not move.

Be quiet: Do not shout or speak loud

Pay attention: Look to your teacher an listen to what he says.

To blow the whistle: The teacher makes a noise with the whistle so you pay attention.



Join the parts of the body with its name in this interactive activity:




 JOINTS: Pop the names of the joints to make them fall on the corresponding wagon in this activity




1. They are very important to describe all the exercises we do in class:

To stand: estar de pie  (to stand up:levantarse)

To sit: sentarse

To lie: echarse

To walk: caminar

To run: correr 

To sprint: correr rápido

To slow down: ir más despacio

To hurry up: darse prisa

 To chase: perseguir

To follow: seguir

To tilt: inclinar

To turn: girar

To bend: doblar

To pass: pasar

To receive: recibir

To throw: lanzar

To carry  (or to transport): transportar

To steal: robar (stealing tails game)

To push: empujar

To pull: tirar (de una cosa)

To form a line: formar una fila o línea

To form a semi-circle: un semicírculo

To form pairs: hacer parejas

To form groups of three/four... : hacer grupos de tres o cuatro



Prepositions are also very important to describe movements. Here  you have some examples:


TO TURN:                      

to the right         to the left


You can review them in this "match the pairs" game:

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