1º ESO. Rope Skipping 1: What is it?

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 Vocabulary in this lesson:

To swing: balancear (dar a la comba)        
   Slightly apart: ligeramente separados
 Rebound: rebote
  To perform: realizar
 To enter: entrar
  Height: altura
 Proper: apropiado
  Take it easy: Tómatelo con tranquilidad
 Height: altura
  To go away: alejarse, huír
 Workout: trabajo o ejercicio físico
  Towards: hacia
 To watch for: estar pendiente de

What is Rope Skipping?
It is a game where one or more participants jump over a rope. There are also people who jump two ropes turning at the same time: this is called “Double Dutch”, and it is much more difficult.

Is it a sport?
Yes. It is also practiced at a competitive level, and it has its own federations. (ERSO: European Rope Skipping Organisation; IRSF: International RS Federation).

In rope skipping competitions, athletes compete in individual and team events using single ropes or double-Dutch.

Here you have a video showing you some of the possibilities of rope skipping:


In our classes we jump in three different ways:

Individually: One person swings his/her rope and jumps over it
In pairs: One person swings the rope and jumps over it, and a partner enters the rope and jumps with him/her.
In a long rope: Two people swing a long rope and the rest of the class enters the large rope individually or in groups.


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