1º ESO: Badminton 3: Basic Skills (2)

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A) Basic position:

To react quickly you must have a good waiting position.

Feet apart, more or less at the width of your shoulders. Bend your knees slightly.

Hold the racket in front of your body, head up. Weight on your toes.

Move fast and hit the shuttle comfortably, apart from your body with an ample movement.

                                                                Image: www.badmintonconnect.com

B) The serve:

When you hit the shuttle, the head of the racket must be completely below your waist. If you hit it with the racket above the hip, it is a fault and you lose the point.

Relax your body and bend your knees slightly.

Place your non-racket leg on the front of your body. Bring your racket back and then swing it forwards.

Hold the shuttle by the feathers and let it drop slightly in front of you.

Hit it with the racket and follow through.


C) The Clear:

You can do forehand and backhand clears.

You must hit the shuttle when it is over your head.

The clear makes the shuttle fly high and land on the back part of your opponent´s court.

Use it to move your opponent to the back of the court or to defend.



 D) The smash:

It is the strongest of all badminton shots. There are forehand and backhand smashes. 

To do a good smash, hit the shuttle further in front of your body than the clear. The shuttle goes to the ground.

The trajectory of the shuttle makes it difficult for your opponent to return.



E) The Drop:

Badminton drop shots are delicate badminton  to decieve your opponent.

There are forehand and backhand drops.

You can use it pretending to execute a smash, so your opponent moves to the back of the court.

Slow your arm at the last minute and hit the shuttle slowly, so your opponent does not have time to run to the front of the court.


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