2º ESO. Judo 3: Techniques and Scoring system

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Judo techniques are divided into two groups:



     -Hands: -Hips : -Legs: 

     Images: www.judo-ch.jp 




     -Pinning: -Strangling: -Joint lock: 

     (Osaekomi waza)                                 (Shime waza)                                              (Kansetsu waza)

     Images: www.judo-ch.jp 


You can find all judo techniques in www.judo-ch.jp , with very good explanations and drawings. 


Judo scoring system:

Judo scoring system changed in 2017 and now only has two grades of score:

→ Ippon: a complete point. With it, you win the combat.

→ Waza-ari: a lower grade of score.

But how to win?

You can win a combat in many ways. The most usual three are:

1. If the judges give you an ippon (a perfect  throwing technique, a hold of 20 seconds to your oponent, or a choke or joint lock that makes your opponent surrender). You win automatically, no matter how much combat time has passed.

2. If no one scores an ippon, with the higher score at the end of the combat ( 4 minutes duration).  

3. If your opponent is disqualified.   Image: www.judo-ch.jp 


Here you have a video explaining the main rules and scoring system:



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