2º ESO: Floorball 3: bench penalties and main rules review

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1. Offences leading to a 2 minute bench penalty:

-When a player kicks an opponent's stick.Image: wikipedia commons

-When a field player plays the ball above knee level with any part of his stick or his foot.

-When a player tackles or trips an opponent.

-When a player obstructs an opponent.

-When a field player actively obstructs the goalkeeper's throw-out.

-When a player violates the 3 m rule at a hit-in or a free-hit

-When a field player participates in play without a stick.

-When a field player stops or plays the ball when lying or sitting down.

-When a field player stops or plays the ball with his hand, arm or head.

2. Offences leading to a 5 minute bench penalty:

-When a field player, performs violent or dangerous strikes with his stick.

-When a field player uses his stick to hook an opponent's body.

-When a player throws his stick or other equipment on the rink to hit or try to hit the ball.

-When a player throws himself towards an opponent or attacks an opponent violently.

-When a player tackles, throws or trips an opponent against the board or the goal cage.

-When a player commits repeated offences, each leading to a 2 minute bench penalty.


You can: Image: wikipedia commons

  • Hit or drive the ball with both sides of the stick
  • Play against the walls or rink
  • Stop the ball with the stick, your chest or foot.
  • Drive the ball with your foot to your own stick
  • Steal the ball from an opponent
  • Push an opponent with the posession of the ball or who is near you

You can not :
(and it is punished with a free hit:)

  • Raise the stick over knee level
  • Get any part of your body inside the goal area (attacking players only)
  • Stop a ball with your hands or head
  • Play the ball while you are lying on the floor
  • Raise or move your opponent´s stick
  • Get in your opponent´s way with your body or push him with your body

(and it is punished with a penalty shot:)

  • Get any part of your body inside the goal area (defending players only)
  • Attack your opponent violently or playing in a dangerous way
  • Hit a player
  • Place your stick in between your opponent´s legs.

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