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Basketball Handout by José Pando

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Basketball  Basics:

Basketball players move a ball on a court by dribbling, passing, and shooting. Points are scored when a player shoots the ball through the hoop. A basket counts as two or three points, and free throws count one point each. The team scoring the most points wins the game.

A basketball game has four quarters.  The length of each quarter has 10 minutes.  Play starts with a “jump ball” at center court. At halftime, teams switch sides. Each team has a number of time-outs per half. If a game ends in a tie, teams usually play overtime periods until one team wins.


Useful Vocabulary:

to dribble:  botar               
half:  media                                 
shot:  tiro
to pass:  pasarleague:  ligabackboard:  el tablero
to shoot:  tirar
youth:  juventudslams: mates
court:  la cancha 
quarter:  cuarto
the key:  la zona
to score:  anotartime-out:  tiempo muertofoul:  falta
hoop:  el arotie:  empatefoul line:  la línea del tiro libre
basket:  la canastaovertime:  periodo extrahalftime: intermedio
to count:  contarperiods: periodo 


At a Glance:

Jump Shot - A shot made while jumping in the air
Lay-up – A shot made close to the hoop, while running
Bank Shot – A shot where the ball touches the backboard first
Dunk - A player jumps and slams the ball into the basket.
Hook Shot - A one-handed shot, usually facing sideways
Free Throw - A free shot taken from the foul line after a foul
Personal Foul – Illegal body contact on a player from the other team
Charging – A player with the ball runs into an unmoving player in a defensive position
Blocking – A defensive player may only block a player using an unmoving defensive position
Technical Foul – When a player uses bad conduct 


Quick Exercises for Beginners:

Pass Drills:
-    Break class into small groups
-    Two groups face each other
-    First student from one group passes the ball to the first student from the other group, then moves to the back of the group
-    Try practicing different types of passes (bounce pass, chest pass, passes while dribbling, etc)

Shooting Drills:
-    Similar to pass drills (small groups)
-    Practice different kinds of shots (lay-ups, hook shots, bank shots)

Sample Activity: Zone Ball

Purpose: For students to learn the concept of zone defense in basketball.  Students will utilize non bounce passing skills to successfuly share the ball with teammates, and additionally will learn how to move without having the ball in their hands.

Description: The teacher will set up defense zones, such as a 2-1-2, using hula hoops.  Students playing defense must stand inside the hula hoops.  The offense must chest pass the ball to each other without ever letting the ball touch the ground.  Therefore there is no dribbling in this activity; each student must freeze when he receives a pass and quickly decide who they will pass to next.  Each person on offense must pass the ball at least once before anyone can attempt a shot. 
Each time the ball touches the ground it is a turnover and the defense and offense switch positions. 

Objective: The offense must try to make a shot without letting the ball touch the ground.  The defense must try to disrupt the offense and therefore take control of the ball.


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