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Warm up Exercices by Juan Antonio Gómez Martínez.

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Some warm up exercices taken from, submitted by Juan Antonio Gómez Martínez.



Mission Impossible

Having set up your gymnasium with all the apparatus for the lesson, ask students to complete an agents mission.

"Your mission agents is to move from apparatus to apparatus without touching the floor".

Be sure to join the apparatus circuit with mats and hoops to act as stepping stones. Play the "mission impossible" theme music. 

I like to divide the class in half (girls/boys) and the children are asked to start on a piece of apparatus, preferably away from others. You can vary the difficulty by adding rolling movements when travelling on a mat. 

The kids love it!!! 


Sheep Tig

Choose some pupils to be chasers. These are the people who tig others.

Then choose some other pupils to be farmers. When someone has been tigged, they lie on their back with their legs and arms in the air.

They then have to wait until a farmer comes and rolls them over. To make this more fun the children can also make a 'baa' noise when being rolled over.


Video Game

This activity can be used as a warm up to most PE lessons and my Y5 children still haven't tired of it!!

Children respond to the following video controls, using the appropriate actions:

Play - walk around

Rewind - run / walk backwards

Fast Forward - run

Pause - jump on the spot

Stop - stop

Emma Holliday has also added the following command:

Eject - Jump Up!

Zoe also suggested:

Record - pull a funny face! 

Elaine also contributed the following suggestions:

Search for the programme - get the children to skip sideways. 

Change - they then change direction.

Slow Motion - walk in a slow exaggerated way.

Some more suggestions from Jill:

Shift - 3 secs to move quickly to a different part of the room

Spacebar - Find a space

Delete - Flat on the ground, face down

Control - Hold a position

Another suggestion from a visitor:

Change disk - As part of a swimming lesson, this can be used to get the children to duck under the water.



Traffic Lights

This is a simple warm-up activity, where the leader / teacher shouts commands and the group have to complete the relevant action:

Red - Stop

Yellow - Run on the spot

Green - Run around the area

Roundabout - turn round once

Motorway - sprint (leave until a bit later in the warm-up)

Speedbump - jump and carry on.

Carpool - travel in groups of 2 or more (suggested by Julia)

Foggy weather - two learners pair up one behind the other. The one in front leads the one at the back who has his / her eyes closed (contributed by I Bailey).

Low bridge - everyone walks around hunched over / low to the ground (suggested by Ed)

Traffic Jam - walk or slowly jog (shared by Nicky)

Right or Left - pupils change direction (suggested by Vicky)

School Zone - slow walking, stop and slow walking again (suggested by Kate)

Change Lanes - change direction (contributed by Kate)

Reverse Parking - walk backwards (contributed by Kate)

Roadworks - run in single file (suggested by Martin L)

Breakdown - lie down until rescued (shared by Martin L)

Rain - use arms to mimic windscreen wipers (contributed by Gaz Elsdon)

Zebra crossing - gallop like a zebra (suggested by Caz)

Pelican crossing - walk and move arms up an down in front of your body (opening and closing like a beak) or move by sides like wings (suggested by Caz)

Lollipop lady - children all put hands out in front of them and shout "stop" (suggested by Caz)

Traffic warden - children look at a pretend 'watch' and waggle finger saying "tut tut tut" (suggested by Caz)

Police Car - Sit on floor and spin round shouting "nee naw nee naw" (suggested by Laura)

Fire Engine - Run around pretending to have a hose in their hands. (suggested by Laura)

Some children could also form bridges, which others have to go under (contributed by Martin L).

Kate has suggested using different speeds when moving around:

1st gear: Walking speed

2nd gear: Jogging

3rd gear: Running

4th gear: Sprinting

Anthony Atkinson has suggested trying this activity with the children using a football or a basketball:

Park - Sit on the ball

New Car - Stop the ball and run to another. The teacher can try removing a ball to increase competition

A visitor has shared their experiences of using this game:

I used this lesson plus many more actions. We spent over a month adding just a few more commands each time. I have over 25 commands they have to know and remember. WE take a drivers test at the end of the unit. They receive tickets if they don't perform the exercise correctly. They have 4 chances and at the end of the class, all children receive a driver's license for their efforts. I have classes of 20+ and they are in total control during the activity.

Can you think of any more? Leave your suggestions in the comments...


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