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Warm up Exercices by Juan Antonio Gómez Martínez. - 2

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The Washing Game

Try the washing game with the children in your class. Commands are as follows:

Skirt - Children sit on floor with legs stretched out wide. 

Trousers - Children sit on floor with legs outstretched together.

Shorts - Children sit on floor hugging legs into stomach.

Dress - Children stand up with legs outstretched.

Washing machine - Jump up and down on the spot.

Spin Dryer - Spin around on the spot.

Can your class think of any more? 


Run Through the Jungle

I've used this with as many as 180 kids at once.

Children are running through the 'jungle' and run into many animals, etc that they need to get away from. The teacher can give appropriate commands, and the children carry out a suitable action:

jump over logs

duck under branches

high knees through quicksand

run from the tiger

tip toe past the snake

talk to the monkeys (ooh, ooh, aah, aah), etc.

This really gets kids' hearts pumping and they have a blast!

Carey Riding has suggested a new command:

Swing through the jungle like Tarzan - children reach up for the jungle vines and calling 'arrhhh, arh, arh' beating their chests etc.



First, pair up the children and sit them down, with legs flat (on the carpet) and spread out. Now give the pairs numbers 1,2,3 and so on.

You call a number and that pair will jump up and run round the whole of their team and sit down. The first one to sit back in place is the winner. Or as a team, the first pair run round and as soon as they are in place the next person gets up and runs, until the whole team has run round the whole team.

The first team to all sit down is the winning team.


Tickly Cat

This game is used in our recreational gymnastics group within our gymnastics club. It is part of the warm up to raise heart rate and body temperature for the gymnastics session ahead. It is also high on the fun factor, the children love it. It is nothing more than a version of "Stick-in-the mud". We call it "Tickly cat".

The person whom is "on" is the cat and she chases the other gymnasts (the mice!), and tags the mice. The mice then "fall asleep" lying on the floor in a star shape and they don't "wake up" until one of their friends tickles their tummy.

The game continues until everybody has had a go at being the cat or the time limit for the warm up is finished. 

All our gymnasts really enjoy this game and there are usually a lot of smiles all around!


Connection Tag

Mark the boundaries of your area.

One player starts off as 'it'. When a player is tagged they must link up by the arm with the 'it' and now they both become 'it' (linked up).

The game continues like this until only one player remains who is the winner. The link can break up at any time (minimum links of 3 people) and can also rejoin at any time



Fish and Chips

The game is a short warm-up idea which is fun and simple. It's called 'Fish and Chips'.

The children stand along a marked line in the centre of the playground. This line is called 'Fish and Chips'. A marked line to the left is called 'Fish'. One to the right is called 'Chips'.

When either fish, chips or fish and chips is called out, the children run and stand on that line.


Up, Down, Stop, Go!

Children have to listen very carefully! 

On GO - children must stop still. 

On STOP - children must move around the space either walking or running. 

On UP - children must sit or lay down. 

On DOWN - children must stretch up to the ceiling. 

Teacher can catch children 'out' if so desired.


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