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Warm up Exercices by Juan Antonio Gómez Martínez. - 11

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Board Warm-up

Objectives: Responsibility, Accountability, and Fitness

On the board is written a series of exercises. As students enter the gym they read the board and independently do each number of the listed exercise. When finished they sit on the center circle.


Make An Entrance!

Make a boundary using cones. It should be a large rectangle with an entrance and an exit. Choose ten to twelve students to begin the activity in this area. Make a line of students that is standing just before the entrance. 

The first student in line enters the rectangle through the entrance. This student is the "it" and tries to tag the others. If they are unable to tag anyone within ten seconds they must exit the rectangle  and a new "it" enters the rectangle. If a student inside the rectangle gets tagged by the "it" they leave the rectangle and a new player enters. Students may run anywhere they want inside the rectangle.


Everybody's It High Ten!

Objectives: Cardiovascular endurance, Competition, Cooperation, and spatial awareness

Presentation: everybody is it. When any student is tagged, that student has to freeze where they were tagged and hold their arms up in the air like a "high position. When any other student runs by and gives them a "high ten' back they are unfrozen and can again rejoin the activity. 

Student's can unfreeze and then refreeze a player, if two students tag each other at the same time they both become frozen and have to wait until they are rescued to re-enter the game.



Objectives: catching, counting hand eye coordination

Presentation: Break students into pairs and give each pair one "z" ball. 

Students face each other about five feet apart. Players must drop the ball the height of  their partners head. Their partner tries to catch the ball after it bounces one time. If the ball is caught the player who caught it receives one point. They then drop the ball from the height of their partners head. If caught another point is given. The first partner to get eleven points wins.


Toe Dancing

Objectives: Cooperation, cardiovascular endurance

Two players hold hands and face each other. when the signal is given each player tries to touch the top of their partners toes using their feet. Each time this happens that player earns a point.



Equipment: None While music plays students move around the gymnasium in locomotor skill of teacher's choice. When music stops each student finds another to hug in a nice way. Teacher calls out a new locomotor skill and music begins. When music stops students hug nicely in groups of three. Music begins again and when it stops students now hug in groups of four. The last round has ALL students in one huge hug!


"I'm A Star!"

Objective: Creativity, Leadership

Place polyspots or other markers in an arc along one sideline. Place one polystar in the front of the arc. Each student stands on a spot and looks at the leader, who is facing the spot. The leader chooses an activity to do that all other students must follow. After about twenty or thirty seconds, teacher tells students to switch. Students move one spot to their left.

Spot Switchers

Objectives: Cardiovascular skills, Dodging, Fleeing, and Listening skills

Make a large circle with polyspots or other markers. Teacher chooses a student to be in the middle. All other students stand on a spot and try to make non-verbal communication with another student to allow each of those students to switch places without getting tagged. If a student loses their spot to the player in the middle they become the new middle tagger.


Way to cool to be a chicken monster!

 Set-up: Students are in scatter formation around the gymnasium

Presentation: students roam around the gymnasium with their hands above their head in a circle, they are an egg. They must find another egg and play roh, sham, bo, (rock, paper, scissors) until there is a winner. If they win the round they become a chicken and roam around the gymnasium flapping their arms like a chicken. The other player stays an egg and looks for another egg to play. When the chicken finds another chicken they again play rock paper scissors. 

The winner becomes a too cool chicken and holds their thumbs up and roams the gymnasium looking for another too cool chicken. When one is found they play again, winner becomes a chicken monster and roams the gymnasium holding their arms and hands up like frankenstein's monster. They look for another chicken monster. if they win this round they become a way to cool chicken monster holding their thumbs up way above their head.


Who's The Leader?

Set-up: students are in a scatter formation throughout the gymnasium

Presentation: One student covers their eyes. when the leader is chosen they do fitness exercises and change them quite a bit. The detective (student who had their eyes closed at the beginning of the activity.)  gets three guesses as to whom the leader is.


Objectives: Knowledge of the continents, Fitness, Locomotor Skills

Students gather in the center of the gymnasium. Place cards upside down in the center circle. When the music begins students each pick up one card and reads it. They then go to the matching continent sign on the wall and travel to that continent with any locomotor movement they decide they want. When they reach the matching continent they do one of the fitness activities listed next to the continent. Some of the fitness activities we use are; Sit-ups, Push-ups, Planks, wall push-ups, bottom kicks, Crunches, Mountain Climbers, Roadrunners, Supermans etc.  Special Rules; Can't do the same fitness activity two times in a row, can't do the same locomotor movement two times in a row.







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