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Warm up Exercices by Juan Antonio Gómez Martínez. - 4

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The Atom Game

This game is called The Atom Game. Children run around the gym in all sorts of directions. The teacher calls out "Atom___" and a number. Which ever number is called, the children have to get into groups of that number. For example, the teacher calls "Atom 6!" and children get into groups of 6. Those left out of a group, are out. 

A visitor has added the following suggestion:

I believe this activity could help increase inclusion in the classroom. Instead of looking for your friends, the students must quickly find others to form the group or they will be out. This may help form other friendly relationships in the class. This sounds great to me and could help with forming teams for other activities. 

Ian D AJS says...

This is a great activity!

You could introduce rules like... children cannot go with someone who has been in the same group as them, or there has to be at least one boy and girl in each group?

Children who are 'out' could jog on the edge of the playing area - after every round some children, who are jogging sensibly, could come back in which would mean they are still active at all times!

Another visitor explains that...

I haven't used this as an elimination game, but it's great for getting pupils into teams before another activity - if you do it with a few different numbers first.


Human Bop-It!

I use this as a warm up activity to PE lessons especially in dance to get children thinking about the rhythm and beat of the music. It's based on the 'bop it' game bought in shops.

You need a CD or tape with a beat on and you call out the actions to which the children respond in the following ways:

Kick it - children kick in front of them (ensure they're all in a space first!)

Twist it - twist their bodies half way around then back, feet remaining in same place on the floor.

Spin it - children turn around

Pull it - imagine they are pulling two levers down from above their heads.

Bop it - jump in the air.

They must try to do all these actions on the beat of the music. I've used it with Y2 and 3 and they loved it!


Catch it... Header it...

Stand in a circle with a group however large. 

The teacher stands in the middle with a ball and throws it to each person. When the teacher calls "header it" you MUST catch it and when the teacher calls "catch it" you MUST header it.

Other commands can be added later to increase the complexity!


Dancing Transitions

This activity is great for PE warm-ups or cool-downs as well as a good transition activity.

I home school and find free play for recess a bad idea as my students have trouble switching back to school and worse they never get any excercise. So, between classes we exercise through dancing trantsitions. First, I set the timer for 10 minutes and turn on fast paced dancing music and instruct the student to creatively dance until the timer goes off... the wilder the dance, the better!

Just make sure that furniture is moved first, jumping, flipping and spinning are ok as long as they don't hurt any one else. For cool down, I reset the timer for five more minutes and play a bit slower music like soft rock or some softer country music and children continue dancing or playing quietly by themselves for 5 more minutes.

When the timer rings, set the timer for one more time for 5 minutes this time play quiet music such as classical or lullaby music with out the words and students sit quietly in one place and may lay there head down, read, write, draw or do another relaxed activity. Sometimes a guided relaxation tape is used for this time. 

After this students are ready to return to work, energised, relaxed and up to the really important stuff!



This is a warm up game using coloured hoops and coloured bean bags. 

Scatter the hoops around the area in which you are working. Split the class in half - smugglers or 'goodies'. The goodies have a 30 second head start to place bean bags in their correct corresponding coloured hoop. On the blow of the whistle, the smugglers 'steal' the bean bags from their correct hoops and place them incorrectly. 

The 'goodies' have to keep going to try and remedy the problem. 

Lots of fun, and gets the heart rate going!


Stuck in the Mud

Stuck in the mud is a classic game and is a great pulse raiser for any age.

Two people are 'on' (that is depending on the size of the class - my example is for a class of 15-23 students). They have to chase the people that are not 'on' and tag them.

When they have tagged another student who was not on, that person is 'stuck in the mud'. They stand with legs and arms out and they cannot move. The only way to release them is if another person who is not stuck goes under the student that is stuck to free them. They can go through the person's legs, or under their arms. 

This continues for about 5-10 minutes or until everybody is stuck. To increase the difficulty level, use more catchers.


Frogs Stuck in the Mud

Kids squat down and have to jump like frogs.

Get two people to be 'it' and they should work together to get everyone stuck in the mud by touching them. Nobody can run or get up unless they are stuck in the mud!

I play this as a warm up in kids' karate class to boost leg power too... they get tired pretty quickly!

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