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Warm up Exercices by Juan Antonio Gómez Martínez. - 5

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Team Seating

This task is an exercise for children to work as a class - learning to be a 'team'! They must also be very careful and help each other as much as possible. 

Children are to stand in a circle, as close together as possible, then turn to face right - their left arm should be in the centre of the circle. Get the children to move a step in so that they are physically body to body with the children in front - it has to be so for the exercise to work!!!

On three, all children should try to sit! They will find that the person behind will support them, therefore so will the person behind them and so on - weight is evenly distributed! They will be able to almost hover!! 

See if your children can work as a team! (There is no 'I' in TEAM!)


Cat and Mouse

Choose two of the class to be cats, everyone else is a mouse and wears a tail (coloured band) in the back of their shorts.

The mice run around and the cats try to catch them by pulling the tails out. Make sure tails are showing before starting and ask cats to collect tails that they pull out so that no one slips on them. 

Count the tails at the end and the cat with the most tails is the winner!


An alternative version has been suggested by Jenny Bull:

Cat and Mouse
Equipment needed - coloured bands or bibs

This can be played anywhere but a large space is better.

Choose 3 or 4 students from the class to be the catchers or the 'cats' and send them to the end of the hall/ playground to 'sleep'. Give each of the remaining students coloured band or bib to tuck into the back of their shorts (to be their mouse tails). Shout 'wake up cats'. They then chase the mice and try to catch their tails. The cats have to catch as many tails as they can until they are all gone. When a mouse loses their tail they have to sit down.

- Reduce or increase the number of mice.
- Allow all of the students to be cats and mice at the same time. They all have to chase each other and catch as many tails as they can. If they lose their tail they can still continue to catch other tails. The winner is the one with the most tails. This means that all students are active throughout the activity.


Sharks and Fish

Organise the children into pairs. One child is the shark, the other is the fish.

The fish follows the shark around and must imitate everything the shark does.

The teacher can shout out ideas such as 'swim' backwards, move slowly, rest on the floor etc.

Can you think of any other commands? Let us know in the comments...


Toilet Tag

This is a team game, which is great fun. My class ask to play it each week and never get tired of this fun game based on tag.

Split the class in half. Those who are 'on / it' have to tag others. When tagged, the child becomes a toilet! They have to kneel on one knee, arm up for the flush and other knee (foot on floor) flat for the toilet seat.

To be released, someone from your team has to go to the loo on you and flush your chain. No one can tag you whilst you're on the loo. Swap over after 10 minutes.

A funny, physical and thoroughly enjoyable game. A colleague passed this one to me but I have adapted it to suit my class of Y2 children.

Here is a variation, contributed by Maggie:

"We call this 'Flush the Loo'. Children are running around with 3-4 children who are 'on / it'. When they're caught they stand in one spot with their arm out and can't move until someone else flushes the loo. It's a fast pace than the other version and very good especially for 'active' boys. It's good to blow the whistle after 30 seconds and pick new people to be on. Also important to point out how to flush properly as they tend to bang down on each others' arm while they are running - a penalty is a time out for that one game. This has worked very well in my class and they love it."

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