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Warm up Exercices by Juan Antonio Gómez Martínez. - 6

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Pasta PE

The children should begin by walking around the room in any direction. On the various commands listed, they should carry out the appropriate action: 

spaghetti - walk round the room tall and thin arms pointed together;

tagliatelli - walk round the room arms pointed side by side; 

pasta twist - walk round the hall turning round and round; 

pasta bow - walk round with legs and arms apart, bow shaped; 

lasagne - lie flat on the floor; macaroni-make a circle with arms; 

pasta shapes - make a 2D shape in small groups holding hands; 

spaghetti hoops - make a 'hoop' in a small group holding hands; 

canneloni - roll on the floor;

ravioli - stand back to back with a partner.

Hope you find these fun! I also use some pop songs for background music and the kids love it! 


Jelly Fishing

Have 3 students decide what character from the show 'Spongebob Squarepants' they want to be. All of the other students are jellyfish.

On the teacher's command, the Spongebob characters begin jelly fishing. If the jelly fish are caught they must go to bikini bottom (a designated area)



I play this game with my Foundation children.

Spread 4 different colour hoops around the floor space. Children move around the space (run, skip, crawl etc.) until teacher shouts "hoop". 

The adult covers their eyes and counts slowly to 3. Children have this time to run to a hoop.

The adult says the colour of one hoop. Everyone in this hoop is out. Repeat until you have a winner.


The Mr. Man Game

This is an easy warm-up involving no equipment. Say the name of a Mr. Man and children have to move like him. The ones I use are: 

Mr. Slow - move slowly.

Mr. Rush - move fast.

Mr. Jelly - shake your whole body.

Mr. Muddle - walk backwards.

Mr. Bounce - bounce!

Mr. Small - crouch and move.

Mr. Strong - move flexing your muscles.

Mr. Tall - stretch up and move (good for stretching once the children's hearts are racing.)

Sammy Rosehill has also suggested these ideas:

Mr. Tickle - wave around your arms in a crazy way.

Mr. Happy - move around with big smiles on your face.

You can obviously add more including Little Miss characters. The children can also add their own ideas meaning they never get bored of this game!

hildren who are out can close their eyes and select the hoop colour.


Bumper Cars

Aim - To develop space awareness and Locomotion / Travelling skills
Name of the game: Bumper cars.
Any amount of players. 

Expectations: travel in a variety of ways (e.g. run, walk, leap) in different directions in response to signals (e.g. stop or go signals)
Equipment needed: Hula hoops and a gymnasium.

Game Instructions: I play this game with my Kindergarten and grade 1 class. Explain what personal space is and how you use it.
Give each student a hula hoop and have them hold it at waist level. Explain that this is there personal space car and they should not touch any other student’s car. Give them word directions e.g.: stop & go, stand up & sit down. 

Have the students run from one end of the gym to the other. After, give them some directions while they are running, let them run freely around the gym. You can also make it an elimination game e.g.: the last one to stop or sit down has to sit out until there is only one. 

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