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Warm up Exercices by Juan Antonio Gómez Martínez. - 8

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Rolling Rocks

Equipment required: 20 tennis balls, 20 marker cones (10 of each colour), 6 small soft balls or size 1 mini footballs.

Set up 10 cones with a tennis ball on each at either end of the hall, with a centre line which players must not cross and divide the group into 2 equal teams.

The objective of the game is to roll the soft balls to try and knock the tennis balls off the opposing teams cones. The game is continous and is played until all balls are knocked off.


Make a Letter

This warm up can be performed inside or outside.

Teacher calls out a letter and children make their bodies into that shape. Teacher can demonstrate if children find it difficult.

I prefer to stick with capital letters as most are straight shapes. This is especially useful if you have been teaching phonics that morning


Summer Fun

This game can be played in the summer when you have use of the field and nice dry soft grass. The commands should be carried out as quickly as possible - children who are not quick enough are out. 

FRONT - children lie on their front.

BACK - children lie on back.

SIT - children sit with legs crossed. 

STAND - children stand up straight. 

ARCH or BRIDGE - children create arch with hands on floor and feet on floor facing down.

STAR - children do 5 star jumps counting out loud as they do each one returning to the position they were in before command given.

SQUATS - same as star but this time doing squat thrust.

TURTLE - find a partner and stand back to back (need to be reminded to move away from partner when next call is given to prevent clashes). If you are trying to get children eliminated you can state that they are not to partner with someone they have already had. 

HEDGEHOG (after a few sessions this changes to road kill - children can be so lovely!) - Children enact squashed hedgehog on floor.

1, 2, 3 and so on - have to get into group of the number given.


Fruit Basket

Divide the class into 4 groups and have them move into each corner of the gym or play area. Give each of the groups a fruit name such as apples, oranges, bananas and watermelons.

Call two of the fruit names and those groups have to run and change places. They maintain the same name throughout the game.

When you call "Fruit Basket" all of the children run and sit in the center of the gym. (I use this to end the game).

Caution: With the little ones, this can cause collisions!

This also works well under the parachute.


Three Blind Mice

This is a chase game based on the nursery rhyme 'Three Blind Mice'.

Split the class into two teams - mice and farmer's wives. The mice have ribbons or scarves tucked into the back of their shorts. 

The children spread out and on the command 'Chop off their tails!' the farmer's wives try to grab as many tails as they can.


Messy Rooms

You will need 20 tennis balls. Split the hall / gym in half and split the class in 2 groups.

The aim of the game is to have the least amount of balls at your side. The children will roll all their tennis balls to the other side of the room, while the other team tries to pass them all back. After a fixed amount of time, count up the number of tennis balls on each side.

The side with the lowest number of tennis balls is the winner!


Sue has suggested this variation... You can play a similar game using pieces of screwed up newspaper and a centre line. On 'go' the children throw the balls of paper across the other side and when 'stop' is signalled the team with the least paper balls wins.


Guess the Corner

Pick on person from the class to be the caller. They have to be blindfolded, or close their eyes.

Name the four corners of the hall / playground (the names can be anything, e.g. flowers, food...)

The rest of the class have 30 seconds to run to one of those corners.

The caller then shouts the name of one of the corners.

Whoever is in this corner is out.

Continue in this way until there is only one child left.

Little Owl suggested the following variation:

I'm a Brownie Leader and our group play something similar but instead of blindfolding a person we use a dice. The corners are numbered 1 to 4 and the children all run around the hall, on a blast of a whistle they get into any corner. Leader rolls the dice. If a 2 is rolled then anyone in that corner is out. If a 5 or 6 is rolled everyone is safe and the game continues until there is one person left in. If the children need to let off a bit more steam if a 5 or 6 is rolled anyone that has been previously out can come back into the game and then the leader/adult decides when to end the game.

Sobz also suggested that:

Get the class doing activites like hopping, crawling, lunges etc to the corners for a great warm up. Or if doing themes, pretend to be an animal etc.

Another visitor has tried the game and says:

We played this game in my class, only instead of being out, the children in the corner had to do an activity (10 jumping jacks, 10 sit ups, 10 wall push ups).

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