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Warm up Exercices by Juan Antonio Gómez Martínez. - 9

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The Numbers Game

Set up a square, marked out in the four corners of the hall, and marked with numbers 1,2,3,4 respectively.

On the floor of the hall, spread out, will be 4 sets of numbers from 1-8 (so there will be four 1’s, four 2’s etc in the hall). Pupils will jog around the hall in and out of numbers. 

The teacher shouts a number between 1 and 8. At this, the pupils have to pick up whatever number they are closest to, and using the numbers in the corners have to get the number the teacher shouted using adding or subtraction, e.g. if the teacher shouts 3 and the pupil picks up number 5, then that pupil must run to the corner numbered 2, as 5 minus 2 equals 3.

There will be a section marked out in the middle of the hall for those that can’t be solved, e.g. if the teacher shouts 1 and pupil picks up number 1 then they can't make 1 by adding or subtracting numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4.


Cups and Saucers

Place enough small flexi cones on the floor so that there are at least one for each child. Half of them need to be placed on the floor in the normal way, and half upside down. This creates the cups and saucers.

Divide the class in two, depending on whether they are a cup or saucer and they have to turn the flexi cones over for their team. The team with the most cones turned over within a set time, e.g. 30 seconds, wins. 

The game can be repeated by lengthening the time, travelling in a specific way e.g. hopping, or having an uneven split of cones to start with.


Here are some variations, contributed by Matt:

1) When you have finished this game you get each team to go back to their side, then on the whistle each team member runs out and collects one cone and takes it back to their side. When all the cones are gone from the middle they can steal one cone at a time from the other team. The team with the most cones at the end wins. Make sure they only take one cone. You can add penalties such as taking 5 off a team if they take more than 1 at a time.
2) Place 4 hoops around the hall / playground, one for each colour cone. Have a good team and a bad team... the good team has to run out collect one cone and put it in the correct colour hoop, the bad team has to run out collect one cone and place it in a different colour hoop. When they have all gone from the middle, the good team has to try to sort the cones out into the correct colour hoop and the bad team has to mix them up. Only one cone can be pickd up at a time and if a cone is picked up it must be put into a hoop (you can not just pick up a cone and throw it out of the hoop).


Run around the Teepees

This is a fun, partner game / warm-up activity which can be played with the whole class. It's best played on grass if possible or a soft surface, although, I have played this in our hall successfully.

Children find a partner. Then make a circle. One is the Indian and sits on the ground, cross legged. The other is the teepee and stands behind their partner with their legs open.
To play, blow a whistle or ring a bell and tell the children which way round the circle they will be running. I usually point the way as the game starts.

The 'Indians' have to go into their teepees (through their partner's legs) and run as fast as they can around the outside of the circle back to their teepee and enter through their partners legs again and sit down cross legged. No one is allowed to push and overtaking must be around the outside of slower runners. This game is particularly popular with boys!!!

When they have had 2 goes, swap over. This is a firm favourite with my class. An idea I saw used on a PGL weekend with school a few years ago. 

A visitor has explained...

I usually also call out 'teepees'; the teepees must run around the circle and back to their spot. This creates excitement as the children don't know what you will call out! Again, swap roles after a few turns.



All the children get into a big circle. The teacher chooses 4 or 5 children to stand in the middle.

On the whistle they then run to a child standing in the circle, tag them and they in turn run to another child.

A way of varying this is to shout 'hop' or 'bunny hop' at various times so the children make use of different muscles.



This is a very simple warm-up game.

Start with the children spaced out. Then name an object in the room (e.g. something yellow, a wall, your best friend, opposite sex, John Smith, teacher etc.). Then, the children have to run over to that object, get down on their knees and 'worship' the object by repeatedly bowing and exclaiming 'oh, (wall) we love you'.

Change the object continuously and give children different options so they're not all in one corner (e.g. a wall, a window) and identify good examples of ways to get up quickly to the class. 

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