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Warm up Exercices by Juan Antonio Gómez Martínez. - 10

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Memory Cards

The object is to get all four suits of your teams' playing cards.

You can have as many teams to accomodate the size of the class. Each team is assigned a card, e.g. Ace, King, Jack, 10, 9 etc...

There are cones or domes that are put into rows and colour cordinated. You can also design it differently.

The first person on every team must run out to the cones and pick one up. Underneath the cone is a card face down. They must lift the card and if it is not their team's chosen face / number, then they must put it back face down and give the next person inline a five to go next.

If it is their card they must bring it back to their team and keep moving until they collect all four. 

The cone remains empty and if another person picks that cone without a card, it is stil considered a turn. The teams can think of ways to move faster and remember which cones were picked. They can assign each person a colour and they must communicate so they know what cards were picked by the team.



You'll need a few scarves, pieces of cloth etc for a blindfold.

Pick around 2-5 kids (depending on how many are in your group/class) and blindfold them up. Then get the others to find a space and stay there, but make sure they don't go too far away. The blindfolded ones have to try and find the others. If they find and touch one, they have to go and get a blindfold and join in too! The last one not found, wins!

Tips: Everybody could talk and giggle and shout 'Here I am!' to help the blindfolded, but remember, they cannot move!
OR if you don't have enough blindfolds, the ones who have been found have to run around, tapping the blind ones and talking to confuse them!


Cats and Mice

Two groups of equal size line up facing the coach/teacher. If the coach shouts mice the cats have to chance the mice to a line about 10 metres away and vice-versa for shouting cats. 

This game is great for awareness and agility and you can make it more fun by pointing in one direction and shouting another.

I even tried this with 14 year olds and they had a great time.


Heads, Shoulders...

Have the children stand in a large circle. Then ask the children if they know where their head is. After they all say yes, then repeat the step asking if they know where their shoulders knees and toes are. 

After doing this and they are familar with the parts of the body begin to sing the song... Head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes... (as you sing the words they touch that part of their body). This is a great way to stretch out and this gives them an understanding of their body. 


Cool Downs and Stretches

Get all the kids to run around...then shout FREEZE... choose a child to be 'it'. They must go around and collect another child as if they are a train (they do this while walking). Then when they have collected everyone, it's best to work on flexibility after your walk, when muscles are the most warm and pliable. 

Do these stretches slowly – never to the point of discomfort. Hold each stretch for six to eight slow, deep breaths. Imagine releasing muscle tension with each exhale. Begin each stretch standing up, and feel free to rest one hand on something for balance if necessary. 

Calf and hip stretch. Take a giant step forward with your left foot. Bend your left knee (but don't push it beyond your foot); keep your right heel on the ground and your right leg straight behind you. Keep your abdominal muscles gently contracted so there's no excess arch in your back. You should feel the stretch in both your right calf and hip. Hold for several deep breaths. Then switch legs and repeat.

Back and hamstring stretch. Stand with your feet together and your knees slightly bent. Lean forward from the waist and let your arms and head hang loosely toward the ground. Don't necessarily try to touch your toes – just let your body hang under its own weight and ease into the stretch with each deep exhale. Slowly stand up (to avoid light-headedness) and repeat.

Shin and thigh stretch. Grasp your right toes with your right hand, and gently pull your foot up behind you, keeping your right knee pointed toward the ground. Your heel doesn't have to reach your buttocks – just pull to the point of feeling a gentle stretch in the front of the thigh, hip, and shin. Hold for several deep breaths. Then switch legs and repeat.


Tiring Morning

Get the children to lay down for 20 seconds, then ask them to wake up and get out of bed (get up slowly) and march slowly downstairs.

Then they walk around the room as if they were going to the doctors. After a little while they are at the doctors for a check up. The children sit down and put their hands on their heads for 10 seconds and then feel their heart. A great way to end a lesson.


Wiggler, Waggle, Wander

This activity is a warm-up to teach students how to get into their own groups of the assigned number while remaining in their own space. While the students walk around the gymnasium they stay in their own space and repeat wiggle, waggle, wander. When the teacher calls out a number they must freeze into a group that contains the number of students called out.


Ten" Synchronized Fitness

Objectives: Cooperation, Fitness, Teamwork

Presentation: This activity allows the students to work cooperatively to achieve the specific exercise the teacher assigns. Teacher picks a leader and has that student lead the assigned exercise to his or her classmates. The class gets five turns to attempt to synchronize the exercise. The highest number of the five attempts is recorded.

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