3º ESO: Badminton 2: The court and The grips

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Light blue areas are the left and right service areas.

You serve from there and the shuttle must fall in the
equivalent areas in your
opponent´s court.

If it falls in the dark blue areas, it is a fault.

After the service, all blue
areas are valid.
The red areas are not a part of the court, so they are out of bounds.

If your shuttle falls there, you lose the point.



The court for doubles is a little different.
Light blue areas are the left and right serving areas.
They are shorter than the
single ones, but wider.
The shuttle can fall at any
part of the court now, except
in the red area when serving.
If it falls there after the
service, it is valid.





Forehand Grip

Use this grip to hit shuttles that are on the forehand side of your body and around your head.
Place your hand on the handle as if you are shaking hands with it. Your racket face must be perpendicular
to the floor.
There must be a V shape in between your thumb and your index

Backhand Grip:

Use this grip to hit shots that are on the backhand side of your body.

Hold the racket as in the forehand grip.

Turn the racket to one side and place your thumb against the back part of the handle for greater control and power.

The racket handle must also rest loosely in your fingers.
You need to learn to change grips quickly between shots, so you always hit with the maximum power and accuracy.



In this video, you can watch the basics of this sport, including the different grips and techniques:


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