3º ESO. Rope Skipping 1: What is it?

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A) Vocabulary in this lesson:

Swung: participio de To swing  
To damage: dañar
Team events: Competiciones de equipos Bare feet: pies descalzos
Freestyle routines: Ejercicios o rutinas de estilo libre         
Height: altura
Schoolyard: patio de colegio Slightly apart: ligeramente separados
Chanting rhymes: cantinelas A given moment: un momento dado
Workout: trabajo o ejercicio físico To perform: realizar
To improve: mejorar Gap: hueco o espacio
Surface: superficie To go away: alejarse, huír
Back-and-forth: adelante y atrás Trick: truco


B) What is Rope Skipping?

It is a game played by children and young adults, where one or more participants jump over a rope. The rope is swung so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. There are also people who jump two ropes turning at the same time: this is called “Double Dutch”, and it is much more difficult.


Here you have a video with USA National championships´ highlights:

C) Is it a sport?

Yes. Jump rope is not only a a schoolyard game. It is also practiced at a competitive level, and has its own federations. (ERSO: European Rope Skipping Organisation; IRSF: International RS Federation).

In rope skipping competitions, athletes compete in individual and team events using single ropes or double-Dutch. During the speed events, athletes try to complete as many jumps as possible within a particular amount of time. For example, the world record for 30 second speed is 188 jumps, and the WR for triple unders is 330!
There are also freestyle routines. In them, jumpers have a set time limit to demonstrate a combination of skills; in many competitions these are choreographed to music.


D) In our classes we jump in three different ways:

Individually: One person swings and jumps with their own rope
In pairs: One person swings the rope and a partner enters the rope jumping with him or her.
In a long Rope: Two people swing a long rope and the rest of the class enters the rope individually or in groups.


E) Benefits of rope kipping:

Rope skipping helps strengthen your legs and also your arms and shoulders. This combination of an aerobic workout and coordination has made rope jumping a popular form of exercise for athletes, especially boxers, wrestlers and basketball players.

Skipping is good for you, there are a number of health benefits including:

    * Improved cardio vascular fitness
    * Increased muscular strength
    * Better endurance
    * Improved body conditioning
    * Greater Flexibility
    * Improved coordination
    * Stronger bones

Skipping can also improve your skill:

    * Better timing and rhythm
    * Improved balance
    * Improved agility



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