3º ESO. Rope Skipping 3: Basic Techniques

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Basic jump with rebound:
This is where both feet are slightly apart and jump at the same time over the rope. You do a small rebound after jumping, while you swing the rope. This jump is very comfortable and you can also use it to rest between different skills in a routine.

Basic jump without rebound:
It is a little faster than the rebound one, so you get tired quicker.

Alternate foot jump (speed step):
This style consists of using alternate feet to jump off the ground. This technique allows you to double the number of skips per minute as compared to the basic jump.

Side direction change:
You start jumping forwards, and in a given moment, instead of swinging the rope under your feet, you swing it to one of your sides. You then turn with the rope to that side and raise it. When it is above your head, you swing it backwards and you are jumping backwards: you have completed a direction change!

This method is similar to the basic jump with the only difference being that while jumping, the left hand goes to the right part of the body and vice versa for the right hand, so that you cross the rope in front of you, and jump with the rope crossed.

Double under:
To perform a double under, the participant needs to jump up a bit higher than usual while swinging the rope twice under his feet. It is possible to have the rope swing three times under the feet (triple under). In fact, in competitive jump rope, triples, quadruples ("quads"), and quintuples ("quins") are not uncommon.

The skier:
a side-to-side jump keeping the feet together; you jump to the right with once, and to the left the following time.

The bell:
a front-and-back jump keeping the feet together.

The scissors:
a jump putting one foot forward and the other back, then switching back-and-forth.

The jumping jack:
a jump putting the feet apart and then together




Enter your parner´s rope from the front:
You must be in front of him and to one side, so you can enter diagonally with only one step. When? When the rope hits the floor. To exit, move away diagonally  when the rope touches the floor.

Enter from the front and turn round inside:
Same as before but you turn as you jump inside the rope.

Enter your partner´s rope from behind (and turn round):
Similar to the previous ones, but the gap to jump in is smaller. You must get very close to your partner.

Catching your parner:
You start jumping, and your partner, a little apart from you, starts jumping at your same pace. You must jump towards him and “catch” him, so you get him inside your rope.

Here you have a couple videos showing all the possibilities of rope jumping:



Basic jump:

Entering the rope when it hits the floor and starts going away from you. You must jump in the center of the rope and exit at the other end.

Turning inside:
Turn around as you jump. It´s very easy!

How many?
How many students can jump at the same time in one rope?

Two crossed ropes jump:
Here you jump not one but two ropes. They form a cross and the trick is only to look to one of the ropes. You must enter and exit as if you were jumping a sigle rope. Jumping in the middle of the ropes is fundamental not to be hit by one of the ropes!

Enter the long rope with a small one:

You first have to practice jumping outside the long rope in rhythm with it, with the small rope on your hand. Then release and start jumping at the same time the long rope is hitting the ground. When you can do this fluently, it´s time to enter and give it a try.

Double Dutch:

Much easier that it looks. You only need two people that can swing properly, and enter jumping with you inner foot when the outer rope is on top.


Do you think it´s difficult? Look what these ladies (one aged 57 years) can do:

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