3º ESO. Basketball 3: Basic Skills

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-This is the first thing to learn.

-After receiving a pass, you want to get into the "triple-threat" position so you can quickly dribble , shoot or pass.

-The ball must be far from the defender, so he can not steal it easily.

 -Look at the basket  and put the ball in one side of your chest. Turn your body so your body is between the ball and the defender.

-Keep your head up, centered over your body and your eyes on the hoop, but also seeing the entire floor.

-Be sure your shoulders are facing the basket with your knees bent and weight spread evenly.

-Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.

-Now you're ready to shoot, pass or dribble!

Image: http://jamesonbasketball.org


Look at this video from www.ehow.com explaining you how to do it:

SUBTITLES: 1. Clic the play button. 2. Clic on the grey rectangular button with two lines




The dribble is a push-pull movement of the arm.
-Your fingers must form a cup to adapt to the ball. Fingers and wrist must be relaxed.
- As the ball bounces back up, meet it with your fingers. Control the ball with your fingers, not the palms.
-Raise your non-dribbling hand up for protection.
-Control is the key. Practice dribbling with your hand the following areas of the ball: directly on top, in front, behind, right side and left side.

 Control, or Low Dribble:
Use this when you're closely guarded.
-Keep your body between the ball and the defender.
-Dribble the ball at knee level or lower so it's harder for the defender
to touch it.
-Keep your free hand up to protect the ball. Keep your dribbling arm close to your body.
-If you keep you head up and eyes off the ball, you'll be able to see open teammates.

Speed, or High Dribble:
-Use it when you need to run with the ball quick: fast breaks after a steal, for example.
-Keep your body nearly erect, leaning forward slightly. Extend your dribbling arm completely, pushing the ball out in front of your body.
-Keep the ball near waist level or higher to help maintain maximum speed.
-Develop your confidence in doing this technique without looking at the ball.

Look at this video from www.ehow.com explaining you how to dribble:

SUBTITLES: 1. Clic the play button. 2. Clic on the grey rectangular button with two lines 





Two-Handed Chest Pass:

-This is the most effective pass you can use.

-Use this pass whenever possible because it's the fastest way to advance the ball to teammates.

-Place each hand on either side of the ball and spread the fingers evenly.
-Fully extend your arms as you push the ball out from your chest.
-Be sure the pass is thrown with enough strength, with the ball parallel with the floor.
-You want the pass to arrive at your receiver above the waist and below the shoulders. 

Image: www.zimbio.com

Two-Handed Bounce Pass:

This type of pass is good to miss the defender´s hands, but it is the slowest one.
-Use the same grip and motion with this basketball pass as you did with the chest pass.
-The ball must hit the floor about two-thirds of the way to the receiver.

Two-Handed Overhead Pass:

This type of pass is easy to control and helps you keep the ball away from your defender.
-Position your hands on the sides of the ball with your fingers pointed up. Your thumbs should be on the back of the ball and pointing in toward one another.
-Bring the ball up above your head (be sure your hands go straight up, not up and back over your head).
-It's usually good to make a step forward with the foot of your strong arm side when you throw the ball.

Baseball Pass:    

Effective for long passes.
- Place the ball high above the side of your head with the passing hand behind the ball while the other hand is in front of and slightly under the ball. 
-Plant your rear foot and step toward the receiver with your front foot. Try to keep both hands on the ball as long as possible and throw the ball with a quick wrist snap and arm thrust.


Image: http.//hiphopstan.com 

Look at this video from www.ehow.com explaining the main types of passes:


 SUBTITLES: 1. Clic the play button. 2. Clic on the grey rectangular button with two lines



Basic position:

-Your feet should be shoulder width apart with. Weight should be slightly forward on your toes, knees bent slightly, hips relaxed.
-If you're right-handed, place your right foot slightly ahead of the left  (if left-handed, place your left foot slightly ahead of the right).
A good basketball shooting starts with the correct balance and your power for the shot comes from the legs, not arms.

Ball Placement:

-Hold the ball close to your chest and just below your chin. Your shooting hand should be positioned a little under the ball and and a little more toward the back. Non-shooting hand should be cupped, slightly under the ball and a little more toward the front.
Your fingers and thumb must be well spread and your thumbs and index fingers forming a “W”
-The ball should touch your entire hand except for your palm.
Prepare to shoot:
Lock your wrist and tilt it back.
-Your hand, forearm, elbow, knee and foot should be in a straight line.
-Don't let your elbows stick out at your side. Keep the elbow pointed at the basket and closer to the basket than your wrist. This prevents you from "pushing" the ball at the hoop.
-Keep your head up. Your weight should still be slightly forward on the balls of your feet, knees bent slightly, hips relaxed. Focus on the front of the rim before, during, and after your shot. Don't look away to watch the ball in flight.


Image: http://www.youth-basketball-tips.com

The Shot:

When you begin the shot, your weight should roll  forwards, to the toes of your forward foot. If you lean backwards, on your heels, the ball will not reach the basket.
-As the ball leaves your hand, snap your wrist to release the ball with a  back spin, necessary for a soft shot.





Follow Through:

Visualize putting your hand into the basket as you follow through. This will help you get complete elbow extension and wrist flexion during the follow through.

 Image: http://www.youth-basketball-tips.com


Do you need to see all this to get a better idea of the shooting technique? Look at this videos:

Super slow motion shots:


A video from www.ehow.com explaining you how to shoot:

SUBTITLES: 1. Clic the play button. 2. Clic on the grey rectangular button with two lines




-Pick the side you are going to shoot from, right or left. Dribble the ball towards the basket with the hand of the side you are on. 

-When you get to the three point line, have the opposite foot in front of the side you're shooting from. Put the ball in the hand opposite the foot in front.

-Run two giant steps towards the basket you're shooting at. About 1.5m from the basket, stop dribbling and jump off the foot closest to the basket. As you jump, your other knee should come up towards your chest. 

-Throw your ball at the backboard top corner with the hand furthest from the basket (right hand when approaching the right side of the basket; left hand when approaching the left side). The ball should hit the backboard and pass through the net.


Look at this video explaining how to do a lay up:





-If you are right-handed, approach the basket from the right side.

-You must jump off the foot opposite your shooting hand (in this case, the left) and bring your right leg, hand and arm up at the same time.

-The left hand is used to protect the ball.

-Keep the ball close to your body on the way up.

-Your shooting hand should be in front of and under the ball with the fingers pointed up.

-You should release the ball with a slight flick of your wrist, fingers and elbow at the peak of your jump. 

Image: http://a.espncdn.com


 Look at this video from www.ehow.com explaining you how to do a good lay-up:

 SUBTITLES: 1. Clic the play button. 2. Clic on the grey rectangular button with two lines



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