3º ESO. Orienteering 3: Special Terms

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Orienteering Special Terms:

Control: This is the point, circled on the map, which you are looking for. The (usually) orange and white marker there is called a control marker.

Course: The orienteering course is the set of controls you are looking for.

Leg: A leg is the portion of a course between two consecutive controls.

Knoll: A small hill.

Contour: A brown line used to show topographic features. A contour is a line tracing land of a given elevation. Using contours, the shape of most landforms -- hills, valleys, slopes, knobs, even kettleholes and sand dunes -- can be shown.

Linear feature: A trail, stream, fence, stone wall, or other feaure that is basically linear. Contrast this with point features, like boulders, wells and springs, and area features, like fields and lakes.

Catching features: A large feature which is not easy to miss in the direction you are going. You might use a catching feature, such as a lake beyond a control, to "catch" you if you miss the control.



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