3º ESO. Basketball 1: Basic Vocabulary and rules

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To bounce: botar
To dribble: botar avanzando
To pass: pasar
To shoot: tirar
To slam: machacar
To defend: defender
To attack:  atacar
To score: anotar

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Elements of the game:

The ball: la pelota
The court: la cancha
The hoop: el aro       
The backboard: el tablero
The lines: las líneas
The key: la zona
A tie: un empate    

Fouls and violations:        

Personal foul: falta personal
Offensive foul: falta en ataque
Technical foul: falta técnica
Traveling: pasos
Double dribble: dobles
3/5/8/24 seconds violation: infracción de 3/5/8/24 segundos.



- Basketball players play with a ball on a court dribbling, passing, and shooting.  

-There are two teams of  twelve players, five on the court.

-They score points when a player shoots the ball through the hoop.
-A basket (or field goal) counts two or three points, and free throws count one point each.

-A basketball game has four quarters. 
-The length of each quarter has 10 minutes (12 in the NBA).

-Play starts with a “jump ball” at center court. At halftime, teams switch sides.

-Each team has  5 time of time-outs per game (6 in the NBA).

If a game ends in a tie, teams usually play overtime periods until one team wins.

                                                             Image: www.nba.com

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